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Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service hosted on Azure. AVD allows companies to support their remote workforce without overburdening their IT department.

Windows 365 / AVD Assessment

Each Microsoft Windows 365 / AVD Assessment begins with a comprehensive assessment, during which our team evaluates the existing environment, and provides recommendations for performance, scalability, and resilience.

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Frequently asked questions

        1.  Can we install our own specific software on AVD? 
        2.  Does AVD support user specific desktop profiles? 
        3.  How do we know how much AVD is going to cost? 
        4.  How does AVD work in a Mac environment? 
        5.  Will an Office 365 outage take out AVD? 
        6.  How do we handle printers and scanners with AVD? 

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Supporting Your Remote Workforce via WVD

Watch our Webinar on-demand and learn about the new Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service hosted on Azure.  

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